Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Oops! Homefun Error

My apologies, Room 15. I forgot to tell you all what spelling groups you are in! That will make your spelling home fun a bit tricky. I'm not at school until Friday, so it's completely okay to leave your spelling homework for this week. If you really want to get started, you could ask your parents nicely to email me and I will get back to them with what group you're in :)

Monday, 23 February 2015

Chinese New Year in Room 15

Kung hei fat choi! Happy Chinese New Year, everyone. Last Thursday we celebrated the New Year in Room 15 by doing lots of fun activities. Watch the video below to see some of the things we got up to. Each child also made a red envelope with "two dollars inside" (I don't suggest they try to spend it at the shop, it's not likely to work!) to give to someone special as a way of wishing them luck for the coming year. 

Can you explain to your family how these pictures relate to Chinese New Year?

Maybe you could practise writing these numbers at home?

Sunday, 15 February 2015

What have we been up to?

So Week Two is done and dusted. Term 1 is already zooming by! Testing is well underway, and the children are doing so well! Just a reminder that instructional groups will start up in Week Four, with readers being sent home from Monday that week.

Have you been in to check out our new classroom display? We've written "Guess Who?" stories as a fun way for visitors to figure out who's who in Room 15. 

So....can you guess who?? (click on each picture to zoom in closer)

Here are a few other 'random moments' that Miss Chalmers happened to catch on her camera.

See you Monday everyone!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Group Photo Challenge 3

We saved the best for last! ;)

Lucy B, Charlie, Brianna and Logan


Group Photo Challenge 2

Here are a few more of the Photo Challenge videos. They don't want to fit into one post!

Samantha, Hannah, Rylee and Aayesha


Luke, Dominic and Jasim


Coraleigh, Kayne, Lucy A and Caleb


Group Photo Challenge

This week we have been learning about collaboration as a really important learning competency. We practise collaborating with each other in lots of ways. We work together as a team in class; we share our views but also listen carefully to others.

Yesterday Miss Chalmers put us into groups to complete a photo challenge. We had to include:

  1. A photo including water
  2. A photo of something yellow
  3. A team selfie
  4. A photo of a team member up high
  5. A photo of a team member showing respect
  6. A photo of a team member doing good because good is good to do
  7. A photo of signage saying “Reremoana School”
  8. A photo of a team member learning
  9. A photo of something grey
  10. A photo including a number
We learnt lots along the way, like what to do when people disagree with our opinions. And how to share our ideas in a respectful way. We had so much fun and boy were we competitive! 

Today we spent the first block making videos using Photopeach. We did lots of learning here too, mostly because nothing seemed to work when we wanted it to! We got there in the end though. Check out our videos below. Can you tell what which photo is which?

Katy, Rishaya, Seren and Majesti


Devon, Elijah, Ashton and Keanen

DJ, Pawan, Sean and Dylan

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Introducing the New Reremoana House System!

This year has seen the revamping of our school house system. There are now four houses - Kowhai, Rimu, Totara, and Kauri. Every child and every teacher in our school has been placed into one of these houses (Go, Kowhai!). Siblings will still belong to the same house. Children will be involved with their houses in lots of different ways - PB4L, sporting events, house competitions and more.

Children, in case you can't remember what house you are in, here's a graphic to remind you. I have also put a link on the side of the blog called "What House am I in?" so that you can always find this post.

P.S - Go Kowhai! :)

Monday, 2 February 2015

And we're off!

Wow - we had a busy day today. I can imagine more than a few children zonked out as soon as they got home!

Thank you to all those parents/families/students who went straight home to view our classroom blog. We already have over 300 views! Please keep doing so - this space will become an integral part of our learning programme this year. 

Today we learnt lots about our Reremoana ABCs (Parents - please click on the PB4L tab for more information). We are focussing on "B-Be Respectful"; in particular, how we can show respect by being on time. We decided that this included getting to school on time, returning quickly after break times, returning from the bathroom quickly during class time, and always trying hard to complete work within the set time frame.

Check out these three children who were caught showing respect in our classroom today. They got to wear a special "ABCs badge" for the rest of the day, and they got a gold coin to add to their house points (I'll put up a post soon about our new school houses).

Way to Lucy, Elijah and Sean!
Each week we will also focus on a different learning competency. Today we learnt about what "collaboration" means. We played a fun challenge where each team was given a sheet with five letters on it. They then had ten minutes to write down as many things that they could see around the room beginning with those letters. It got very competitive! Pawan received a certificate to take home for showing great collaboration and leadership skills during the challenge. Awesome!

There's a lot of team work going on here!
First certificate of the year - great work, Pawan!
Here are the two youtube clips we watched when talking about showing respect. R.E.S.P.E.C.T - baby!