Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Group Photo Challenge

This week we have been learning about collaboration as a really important learning competency. We practise collaborating with each other in lots of ways. We work together as a team in class; we share our views but also listen carefully to others.

Yesterday Miss Chalmers put us into groups to complete a photo challenge. We had to include:

  1. A photo including water
  2. A photo of something yellow
  3. A team selfie
  4. A photo of a team member up high
  5. A photo of a team member showing respect
  6. A photo of a team member doing good because good is good to do
  7. A photo of signage saying “Reremoana School”
  8. A photo of a team member learning
  9. A photo of something grey
  10. A photo including a number
We learnt lots along the way, like what to do when people disagree with our opinions. And how to share our ideas in a respectful way. We had so much fun and boy were we competitive! 

Today we spent the first block making videos using Photopeach. We did lots of learning here too, mostly because nothing seemed to work when we wanted it to! We got there in the end though. Check out our videos below. Can you tell what which photo is which?

Katy, Rishaya, Seren and Majesti


Devon, Elijah, Ashton and Keanen

DJ, Pawan, Sean and Dylan


  1. grat move room15 it was fun doing it

    1. Well done for getting on the blog and writing a comment Charlie - I'm glad you had fun doing the photo challenge!

  2. this is really cool you have to let us make some more videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. We will certainly have to make more videos, Dylan. You all did such a good job of it last week!

  3. Well done Room 15 and Miss Chalmers. I love the photo challenge idea and how you presented your photos. Clever kids (and teacher). Look forward to seeing more challenges.

    Mrs Martin