Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Introducing the New Reremoana House System!

This year has seen the revamping of our school house system. There are now four houses - Kowhai, Rimu, Totara, and Kauri. Every child and every teacher in our school has been placed into one of these houses (Go, Kowhai!). Siblings will still belong to the same house. Children will be involved with their houses in lots of different ways - PB4L, sporting events, house competitions and more.

Children, in case you can't remember what house you are in, here's a graphic to remind you. I have also put a link on the side of the blog called "What House am I in?" so that you can always find this post.

P.S - Go Kowhai! :)


  1. nice blog it is very cool and lovlely class mrs charmers

    1. Hi Abbey, thanks for visiting our blog!