Sunday, 22 March 2015

Blog Buddies!

Room 15 now has a blog buddy class! Do you remember Mrs Kate Clarke? Of course you do! She's teaching a class of Year 3 and 4 children at Glenbrook School and they are keen to be our blogging pals.


They get up to some seriously cool stuff in their class. We might have to be copy cats on a few of their fun activities! They even have a Symbaloo, just like us. Maybe you could check out some of the sites they use? Hopefully they will enjoying looking at our blog too. What post of ours do you think they will like the best?

Your writing task for Homefun this week is to write a comment on Te Marama's blog. We have been learning how to write quality blog comments. You can use these guidelines to help you.

Don't forget, Mrs Clarke will be checking your comments before you post them. I'm sure she won't publish boring comments that aren't written well!

Once you've written a comment on their blog, come back to our blog and write a comment about what you saw there.

I can't wait to get to know our blog buddies a bit better!


  1. Hi I'm Lucy and I thought Mrs Clarke's video with the cards was great. Goodbye, Lucy B

  2. On miss Clark' s blog her cards game is so cool I think we should try it as well

    By Dominic

  3. I like top card. I would like to play this game in our class.
    From Elijah.

  4. I like the video with the cards

  5. hi Mrs Chalmers i Cheaked out Mrs Clarkes blog and They do relly cool card tricks I think we should do

  6. I like the crazy hair style photos. From Aayesha

  7. Great to see you learning how to comment to a blog post Room 15. This is very sophisticated learning.