Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Watch out! There's a dragon in Room 15! Have you seen him yet? He's scaly and spiky and oh so fierce!

Remember our post about Chinese New Year a while back? We learnt all about dragons in Chinese tradition and culture. Then we got to talking about the different dragons we had read about in books and seen in movies. Before we knew it we were doing lots of dragon learning! We now have a big dragon hanging in our classroom, which we made out of colour-wheels. Mrs Gregory was so clever getting him to stay hanging up! We also wrote similes to describe the dragon (that's the fire you can see coming out of his mouth). On our "INCREDIBLE" writing wall, we have also displayed the narratives we wrote. We worked on these narratives for 4 sessions. We learnt about the structure of a narrative, how to edit our draft and how to use some interesting language features like onomatopoeia.

Here are our stories, too. Some of them are a bit hard to read, so parents will have to check them out in person tomorrow night at goal setting conferences :)

P.S - I'm sorry Charlie and Majesti - I can't seem to find your stories. We will will have a hunt for them later.


  1. Good job room 15

  2. Wow awesome art work and fabulous stories room 15!!!
    It looks GREAT!!!