Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mathletics Champions!

Hey children, guess what? I bet you didn't know I could log on to Mathletics to check how often you are all using it. I'm just like a spy! I was very impressed to see that most of you are using it regularly as part of your Homefun routine. Go you! Below are the three "Mathletics Champions" from last week. Why don't you try to beat them this week? Remember, you get points for doing Live Mathletics, but you get the most points by completing activities or tasks.

The top Mathletics users for the whole year so far are:
Ashton - 9675 points
Elijah - 8341 points
Sean - 6468 points 


  1. Whoa! Great Mathletes in R15!

    1. Thanks Ms Fothergill for using kind words! We are good mathematicians in Room 15 - from our whole class :)

  2. Good job Ashiton-2315,Elijah1524 and Stacia-1293 well done Ashiton,Elijah and Stacia