Friday, 13 March 2015

Popsicle Stick Challenge

(Alert: here's a cool activity to do at home with your family)

Today we watched a video tutorial showing us how to make "Popsicle Stick Bombs". These were the youtube clips we watched:

We were super excited to give it a go. Miss Chalmers printed out instructions for two different types we could make. We got into the co-operative groups that Mr Narot's been helping us with (we'll tell you more about that later). The challenge was waaaaay trickier than we thought it would be. Our class was unbelievably quiet because everyone was concentrating so hard. We worked at it for almost 45 minutes! Sadly, no one managed to get it to work. Not even Miss Chalmers or Mrs Gregory!

We won't give up though. You will definitely hear from us again about this challenge. Stay tuned for videos from our very own class about how to make Popsicle Stick Bombs (although we better figure it out ourselves first!).

Here's our reflection about our challenge. We had lots of discussion about how learning can be very difficult sometimes, and the importance of persevering and not giving up.


Hi, children! I was so excited about this challenge (and annoyed that I couldn't get it right!) that I came home to practice some more. Meet my brother, Greg, who came to visit for dinner tonight. He's very clever and great at building things. Can you believe he took only 5 minutes to make one a metre long??!!! I just went to get my camera out when it exploded! Do you think maybe Gracie touched it??

Miss Chalmers with Gracie and Greg
Getting started is the hardest part

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  1. Hi Miss Chalmers,

    After seeing your class working so hard to be successful at this challenge, Room 17, 9 and 10 attempted to complete it as well. One group was very successful and we think it's because they were SO resilient. Kurt, from Room 10 (?) managed to make one at home with his Dad. It was truly amazing.
    What a fantastic idea, I will keep trying until I am successful.