Saturday, 25 April 2015

Bits and Bobs from Week 1, Term 2

Welcome back, everyone! We've had a great first week back at school. Stay tuned next week for a blog post about all the ANZAC learning that has been happening in Room 15.

In the mean time, here's a few bits and bobs from this week:

A New Face in Room 15:
Welcome to Reremoana School, Reilly! Reilly started in Room 15 on Monday. He is a Year 3 student and an expert artist. We have seen a few of his drawings already - they are amazing! We hope you like it at your new school, Reilly :)

Spelling Homefun:
You may have noticed that there weren't any spelling words in this week's Homefun. I apologise for this. We have been finding it very hard to fit testing in each Friday, now that the lists include so many more words. We solved this problem on Friday by putting "expert spellers" in charge in taking spelling testing. It worked a treat! Spelling Homefun will resume next week.

Mathletics Champions!
Congratulations to these fabulous mathematicians who all scored over 1000 points this week :)

Did somebody say 'Friday'??!! Our favourite day of the week!

Families and friends: Please leave us a comment! We love to hear what you think about our learning. What did you think about our singing?


  1. What great singing....well done room 15 😊

  2. I loved singing with the class. It helps me with my butterfly & snail talking.



    (This was sent by my phone)

  3. WOW!!! that was amazing singing I loved it it sonded so graet room 15 miss chalmers mast be a great teache you very wall great geob miss calmers I keep on restarting it a thason times the dancing in the back was so ruuny.

    from katy