Saturday, 25 April 2015

Term 1, Week 9 - Play-dough Play-time!

Here's a video that's been sitting on Miss Chalmers' computer waiting patiently to be uploaded to our blog. Last term we began our inquiry study into local ecosystems. We had been focusing on the rocky shore, in particular. After a few weeks of learning about different creatures and organisms amongst the rock pools, we decided to present our learning in a fun and creative way....playdough rock pools!

Now, we understand that to you these might look like piles of big, blobby, bluey, goop, but really, a lot of learning was happening during this lesson:

  • Listening carefully and following instructions
  • Reading a recipe
  • Measuring ingredients using standard forms of measurement (Cups, Tablespoons, teaspoons and grams)
  • Talking about eco-systems, creature names and features of a rock pool
  • Learning how to work together as a team (turn taking, delegating jobs and responsibilities, settling disagreements by coming to a compromise)
But most of all...we had fun!

Families and friends: Why not leave a comment below? Did you explore rock pools as a child? What sorts of creatures did you find? We would love for you to share a story with us. 

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