Saturday, 23 May 2015

Pen Licences, Water Safety Week and Mathletics Champions

Pen Licences

In Room 15, we all started the year off writing in pencil. Every now and again Miss Chalmers will award a student with a special pen licence. Having a pen licence means that that student can then write in pen in most exercise books. These are the things we need to consider when writing in our books:
  • Writing the date correctly
  • Starting right by the margin
  • Missing lines
  • Underlining mistakes and fixing them on the line above
  • Always trying our best with handwriting (we don't have to focus so hard at writing time, though, that we spend more time on handwriting than we do on recording our brilliant ideas)
Check out these Pen Licence Rockstars!

Water Safety at the Pools

Last week was Water Safety Week at the pools. There were a few worried faces when the instructors told us we had to get our life vests on before hopping into the deep pool. We did some really scary things like falling backwards into the water. Nevertheless, there were lots of smiles at the end!

Mathletics Champions

Well done to the following students for keeping up with their Mathletics. There have been a few children with "0" points recently. It's important that children use Mathletics regularly, it really makes a difference with basic facts, in particular. 

And check out Dylan, who got our highest weekly score EVER a while back:

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Mathletics Champions

Our top four Mathletics Champions from this week. A special well done to Coraleigh for being the first girl to take out the top spot :)

Congratulations also to Rishaya, who has scored 9624 points so far this year (I'm really sorry I missed the week when you were in the top four Rishaya!!!)

Life Education

On Friday Room 15 had their first of two sessions at the Life Education Bus. 'Matua E' is teaching us all about being happy and healthy. This week we learnt about how to read different emotions. This was trickier than we thought, with over 25 emotions to identify and label. And what trip to the Life Ed bus would be complete without getting to see Harold the Giraffe? He was pretty funny! We look forward to seeing him again next Thursday. 

Room 15 outside the Life Education Trailer, making the giraffe sign with their hands. 
Learning with Matua E
Star gazing inside the trailer (lucky we aren't scared of the dark!)