Saturday, 25 July 2015

Room 15's Karakia

Next week New Zealand will be celebrating Maori Language Week. While Room 15 will be doing some special activities, we don't wait until one week of the year to recognise Te Reo as a National Language of our country. Here's a video of us reciting our Karakia in Te Reo. We've also included the English version so that you know what we're saying (basically we're wishing for a glorious day!)

Rice Cooking Fun!

Room 15 had an impromptu rice cooking session this Friday, and boy did we learn a lot! "The Smart Geniuses" reading group read a book about how rice is harvested and prepared and asked if they could cook rice as a follow up activity. It sounded like a fantastic idea, but of course the rest of the class didn't want to miss out! So it happened that we ended up making "fried rice" (more like rice with extra ingredients stirred in!) for lunch. 

In Room 15 we know that good readers make connections to their prior knowledge. We all shared stories about how we eat rice at home. Then we watched a documentary on Youtube about the life of a rice farmer. Many children were surprised to learn that some people in the world can't afford to live in houses like we do, and they can't afford to eat a lot of food either. Some of us were also surprised to learn that rice looks like grass before it is harvested and prepared! A lot of work goes into that bag of rice that we buy from the supermarket. 

Most of all, in Room 15 we like to have fun reading. And of course, we like to eat too! Check out the photos below of our Masterchef creation...

Monday, 6 July 2015

Letter Writing

Hi Parents and Caregivers! Be sure to keep an eye on the post box, there's a letter on the way to you as we speak!

In Week 9 the Pukeko Team went on a trip to the Auckland Museum. We had a great time watching the Maori Cultural Performance and exploring Weird and Wonderful. The only problem was that we didn't get very much time to explore the rest of the museum. For some of the children in our class, this was their first trip to the museum. 

The children in Room 15 have written letters to their families outlining several points as to why they think they should be allowed to go back to the museum this holidays (or in the near future). They're very convincing! 

Here's a video of our trip down to the local dairy to post our letters. It's was fun to get out of the classroom for a few hours. See what we got up to:


Over the past few weeks Room 15 and the Pukeko Team have been learning about Fire Safety. We were lucky to receive many cool resources from Matt the Fireman and the Manurewa Fire Station. Each child was given a booklet to take home to share with their family. There are lots of interesting facts in that booklet, so be sure to check it out. Miss Chalmers even learnt some important fire safety facts during this unit. Did you know that every bedroom should have a fire alarm? Matt the Fireman said that he is willing to get any touch with any families who would like to get their fire alarm system checked out by the fire service. It's better to be safe than sorry!

Here's a video about a few of the Firewise activities we did in class. The video turned out to be quite funny (especially when our voices changed when the video was sped up!) but it's important to remember that fire safety is an extremely serious topic.

Does your family know what to do in the event of a fire?

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Mousing Around!

We are really lucky to have Reilly in our class. He is an incredible artist! We always wondered how he got to be so good at art and now we know. Reilly's dad is an artist too! This morning Reilly showed us a sketch book full of drawings that Reilly and his dad do together. We love drawing in Room 15, so Reilly spent 15 minutes this morning teaching us how to draw the face of Mickey Mouse. Reilly was very good at giving clear instructions and modelling each step of the way. He even used some of Miss Chalmers' tricks for getting everyone's attention and making sure that everybody listened carefully. Check out how focussed we were!