Saturday, 25 July 2015

Rice Cooking Fun!

Room 15 had an impromptu rice cooking session this Friday, and boy did we learn a lot! "The Smart Geniuses" reading group read a book about how rice is harvested and prepared and asked if they could cook rice as a follow up activity. It sounded like a fantastic idea, but of course the rest of the class didn't want to miss out! So it happened that we ended up making "fried rice" (more like rice with extra ingredients stirred in!) for lunch. 

In Room 15 we know that good readers make connections to their prior knowledge. We all shared stories about how we eat rice at home. Then we watched a documentary on Youtube about the life of a rice farmer. Many children were surprised to learn that some people in the world can't afford to live in houses like we do, and they can't afford to eat a lot of food either. Some of us were also surprised to learn that rice looks like grass before it is harvested and prepared! A lot of work goes into that bag of rice that we buy from the supermarket. 

Most of all, in Room 15 we like to have fun reading. And of course, we like to eat too! Check out the photos below of our Masterchef creation...

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  1. Kia ora room 15) That looks yummy did you injoy it? would you try it agin
    from claire