Wednesday, 19 August 2015

No Homefun - Week 5, Term 3

I imagine there may have been a few parents out there this week who thought their child was making up excuses about having no homework!

Unfortunately (or not, depending on who you ask!) the printers aren't working at school this week. For this reason there will be no Homefun. Children still have readers in their book bags.

Apologies for an inconvenience this may have caused.

Helen Chalmers

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Brilliant Brainfood!

Last week Miss Chalmers proposed a challenge: every student in Room 15 needed to pack their own brainfood for a week. Look at these Brilliant Brainfood Rockstars! They made some really healthy choices. What will your brainfood be this week?

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Maori Language Week 2015

Thank you so much to Whaea Ainsleigh (aka Coraleigh's mum) for coming into school to teach us some Te Reo. We learnt so much! Whaea Ainsleigh taught us a pronunciation song and some useful phrases that can be used every day. Remember when Matt (aka Coraleigh's dad) also came in to teach us some Samoan phrases during Samoan Language Week? How lucky are we??!! Whaea Ainsleigh even made up some charts for us to put up in Room 15 - awesome!

Here is a video of us singing "Tirama Tirama" earlier in the week, which is the Maori version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We are still working on our pronunciation, so please forgive any mistakes :)

Don't forget about our other blog post about the Karakia Room 15 recite most mornings. You'll have to stay tuned in order to see our upcoming classroom display showing off all the other Te Reo Maori activities we did this week. 

Brainfood Challenge

Last week Devon had a very interesting snack for brainfood - an apple spiral! After getting lots of comments from the rest of the class, he decided to bring his apple peeler into class. What a great learning experience! Devon helped everyone in the class peel an apple and turn it into a spiral. This was a great opportunity to talk about what constitutes a brainfood snack at Reremoana School:

"All schools, as part of the health curriculum, teach students about the importance of healthy eating and nutrition. At Reremoana School this is a year round focus. We encourage children to eat health snacks and drink water during class time to ensure optimum brain functioning and learning. We encourage children to come to school with "Healthy Snacks" and a bottle that can be filled with water. Ultimately, the decision about whether children bring "brain food" to school to eat during class time and what is included in school lunches is up to each family" - excerpt  from "Information for Families", Reremoana School Website.

This week Room 15 has been presented with a challenge - pack your own brainfood snack every day this week. Take a photo of yourself preparing or packing your brainfood snack and email it to Miss Chalmers ( Include a short description or explanation of what you are choosing for brainfood. Photos will then be put up on our blog - you'll be famous!!

Here are the links to the blogs of Room 9 and 10 - okay, okay, so we stole their challenge! ;)