Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Technology for Homefun

A few weeks ago the children in Room 15 were given a very interesting task for Homefun. We've been thinking a lot about what the word "technology" means lately. We know that technology can be anything made by humans that is designed to make our lives easier. Our Homefun task was to create a structure that would hold a book up (and not a little book either!) We could use any "bits and bobs" that could be found around the house. Miss Chalmers gave us one hint: triangles are strong. Check out what Devon and Dominic created:

Home Fun ‘Making a book holder’ by Devon

When I got my home fun I was really excited that I get to build something. 

  • I made a plan, showed my dad and we talked about what I was going to use to make my book holder. 
  • We talked about using wood, cardboard and paper.  I decided on wood because it would be a lot stronger than cardboard or paper. 
  • My dad helped me cut the wood and find everything that we needed.
  • I used nails and glue, we had to glue part of the wood to the big piece, then put a little piece on the front to hold the book in place. 
  • It worked the first time
  • I decided to add a book mark so I wouldn’t loose my place when I was reading. 
  • When I had to show it for ‘show and tell’ Miss Chalmers said how proud she was of all of us for completing our home fun, she didn’t think we would use wood to make them. 
  • I felt happy and excited, I think my friends were all happy for me that I made it. 
  • Miss Chalmers said that we could paint them if we wanted to, I wrote Ford on the back of mine and painted it light blue.  I like light blue. 
  • When it is dry I am going to take it home and give it to my mummy for a present because I love her!
‘Home fun - plan/ make a book holder’ By Dominic

When I read my homefun last Monday I thought it was going to be hard because I didn’t have that many things to make it.  I decided to start collecting some boxes so that I could use them. I got some really strong card board, I made a plan, I showed my mum and she helped me with it.
My dad helped me make one and tried to make it into a triangle, he couldn’t do it so he put 3 sticks at the back so it didn’t fall over. My dad tested the one he made and it fell back, one piece was longer than the other piece, he put it away because it didn’t work.  The next day my mum and me made  the cardboard into a triangle, we tested it and it worked because it had a little frame so it wouldn’t fall down.  This was the one that I planned, I asked my mum to help because she did it the way I wanted.  
When I had to show it to the class I was feeling really really proud!  It was a really challenging task, I’m really pleased I did it, I didn’t give up, I tried and tried until I got it right which was only 2 times!
Miss Chalmers said that I could paint it, I painted it a light sky blue.  I was trying to be careful but I still managed to get some paint on me. 
When the paint has dried I’m going to take it home and use it at home when I read. 
I love this kind of ‘home fun’!

Check out the fantastic designs that these children came up with too: (pictures to come from Logan and Keanen)

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