Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Let's Makey Makey!

In the holidays Miss Chalmers went to a three-day conference called U-learn. She had so much fun and got lots of new ideas about exciting things to include in the classroom. One of the workshops included something called a Makey Makey. After seeing what it could do, Miss Chalmers emailed Miss Harland straight away begging for some money! Here's a video of us playing with our new purchase. Yes, you saw correctly - we invented a FRUIT PIANO!

What is a Makey Makey?

A Makey Makey is a circuit board that introduces children to basic computer programming. Alligator clips are connected to anything that works as a conductor. You can then programme the computer to do a whole range of things like play music or computer games!

In half an hour of "playing' what did we learn?

- basic computer programming skills
- technical language like "conductor" "alligator clip" and "anchor"
- creativity - our brains are already overflowing with ideas about what to make next!
- questioning - "why didn't it work?" "what went wrong" "how does the wire sense our touch?"


  1. This is incredible! Who would have thought you could play the piano on fruit! I would love to know how that works. I remember as a young girl, wishing to have a whole floor piano to jump around on. This is getting close!

  2. This looks so cool. I wish I could have a '' Makey Makey '' . It is good technology.

  3. this was incredabel and so much fun